As we’re all used to, multitasking is a big part of our lives. And to be honest, it’s necessary because we don’t want to feel left behind. We want to be as efficient as we can and we don’t want to miss anything out in this little time that we have.

But what we are not able to see anymore is that we’re actually missing out a lot. As time flies, we become more and more connected to technology, fast online chats, emojis,
abbreviations, LOL, FYI, NSFW, FOMO, etc. and we disconnect from ourselves. We even forget to listen to music, we only hear it as a soundtrack of what we’re doing.

Do you remember how cool it is to close your eyes and listen to the music?

This experiment will show you that, MAYBE, it’s time for all of us to press pause from time to time and, for starters, really listen to that music we used to love and get lost in it. Just for a little.

And our brain will have no creative limits.


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