The remains of the bus after the accident
At least 19 people have been killed after a train hit a broken down bus on a railway crossing in the Vladimir region of Russia.
The regional interior minister said all of the victims were on board the bus at the time of the collision and no train passengers had been injured.
They said the bus had broken down and was on a railway crossing despite a red light at the time of the accident.
The bus had broken down on the railway crossing
The collision happened at 3:29am local time near the city of Vladimir, which is around 110km east of Moscow.
The bus was carrying 55 people from Uzbekistan
The train was travelling from St Petersburg to Nijini-Novgorod when it hit the bus.
According to the latest information, 19 people have been killed," the head of the regional health service, Alexandre Kiryukhin, told the TASS news agency.
The bus was carrying 55 people from Uzbekistan
Russia's Investigative Committee confirmed the figure and has opened an inquiry into the accident.
The two bus drivers were from the neighbouring country of Kazakhstan, the country's foreign ministry said.
It also said that 55 people from Uzbekistan were on the bus.
Bus accidents are not unusual in Russia, in August 17 people were killed when a bus veered off a pier into the Black Sea.
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