North Korea calls Trump's 'rocket man' comment an 'irreversible mistake'
North Korea's foreign minister says Donald Trump made an "irreversible mistake" calling Kim Jong Un a "rocket man".
Ri Yong Ho addressed the United Nations general assembly on Saturday, saying the US President "committed an irreversible mistake of making our rockets' visit to the entire US mainland inevitable all the more".
North Korea's representative told the annual gathering of world leaders, that the country was now "only a few steps away from the final gate of completion of the state's nuclear force".
Just before Mr Ri was scheduled to speak at the assembly, the Pentagon announced
a fleet of US bombers and fighter jets had flown off North Korea's coast , in what it called a "clear message" to Pyongyang.
A B-1B Lancer that flew over north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
A B-1B Lancer that flew over north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said it underscores the range of military options available to the US.
On Thursday, Donald Trump announced new sanctions to any companies and institutions that finance and facilitate trade with North Korea.
Mr Ri did not comment on the military demonstration, but added there is no "chance that North Korea would be shaken an inch or change its stance due to the harsher sanctions by the hostile forces".
Ri added Pyongyang does not have "any intentions to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against countries that do not join the US in military actions".
This comes after the US President publicly branded the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a "rocket man" and said American "really had no choice" but to confront the authoritarian regime.
Mr Trump later used his speech to the UN General Assembly to tell the world he would " totally destroy " North Korea if the USA was threatened by its regime.
Mr Kim branded the speech the "most ferocious declaration of war in history" and
said he would consider the "highest level of hardline countermeasure" in response.
At the UN on Saturday, Mr Ri warned Pyongyang was ready to defend itself if the U.S. showed any sign of conducting a "decapitating operation on our headquarters or military attack against our country".


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