RAM (Random Access Memory) and
ROM (Read Only Memory) are two main types of memory of a computer. As you know that without these two things we can’t run a computer.

We all have used the computer and using to do our day to day tasks, but we never try to dig in a bit deep to find out that how the computer works? How everything has been done? And why you should know a bit more about the computer, and it’s components which you’re using. Many people gets confused and don’t understand the concept of RAM and ROM.
No, offense but, those two factors about the computer are very important for the battery and for the storage and speed part of your computer. The handling power and the way the computer process each and every information which has been feed inside it, all of that are somehow, directly and indirectly, managed by Ram and ROM. So let’s dig a little bit deeper about RAM and ROM.
The main difference between RAM and ROM is that the data in RAM is not stored permanently whereas in ROM the data is stored forever even when the computer is turned off.
The process of scripting data in ROM is very slow, but in RAM it is much faster compare to it. The RAM stores data in Gigabytes (up to 16 GB) and the ROM stores data in Megabytes (Up to 4 MB).
RAM is volatile memory, the data in RAM got lost when the computer is power offed, but the ROM is non-volatile memory, the stored data in ROM is re-accessible even after the computer is turn off.
Nowadays, in devices like Smartphones and Tablets, the ROM is referred as the internal memory (also called as internal storage) which is used for storing Apps and its data.
Normally, RAM is a replaceable chip, we can easily plug or unplug the RAM but, ROM is inbuilt, it is irreplaceable.
In ROM, the data is written once and permanently. The data in ROM can’t be changed, and it is only readable by the computer.

Difference between RAM and ROM
Below I have differentiated RAM and ROM, the below table is useful for quick information, and also it will help you in your academics.
1. It’s full form is Random Access Memory It’s full form is Read Only Memory.
2. The data in RAM is accessible at any time from any location. As the name suggests, the data in ROM is read only, we can’t manipulate the data of it, actually it’s very hard to do that.
3. The performance of RAM is faster. The performance of ROM is bit slower compare to RAM.
4. It stores all the data external data and allow us to run Apps. It only collects the important data which is require is to boot up the computer.
5. It is volatile memory. The data get lost when the computer is turned off. It is non-volatile memory, the data get saved permanently and doesn’t get lost even if the computer is turn off.
6. There are 2 types of RAM, Static RAM and Dynamic RAM. There are mainly 3 types of RAM, EPROM, Erasable ROM and Programmable ROM.
Why RAM is faster than ROM –
If you have read the introduction paragraphs than you may be questioning why RAM is faster ROM. RAMs are bigger in size compared to ROMs than that is the major reason why it works faster than ROM. That’s the reason for the writing process is faster in RAM compared to ROM.
RAM being fast hold many advantages and subtle differences compared ROM. Ram can hold up more data which can go upto 128 GB (As per current technology is concerned) On the other side the ROM holds up very less data and memory which goes upto just 16 MB.
Other than that, the ROM part is not only limited to computers, but the RAM is used and plays a major role in storing data and boost speeds of different devices like smartphones and tablets.
Nowadays, because of the incarnations of smartphones and tablets, the term RAM is much more popular and familiar to people across the world.
The term RAM is often referred in smartphones for driving speed, memory, and power of the device, but at the same time, the term ROM is considered outdated which doesn’t have much role in today’s technological world.

When RAM and ROM works –
RAM and ROM are the essential parts of the computer, and both play a significant role. When you turn on the computer, you can see black or blue screen with some complicated text, during this time the ROM takes data from hard disk and display it on the screen, this is when the ROM works. The ROM control the computer for few seconds when your turn it on. Thus, the ROM stores the BIOS of the computer.
Once the computer is on, the operating system gets read from hard disk and loaded in ROM. When you open any App or game that get loaded into RAM. That’s it is recommended to use RAM of much GBs.


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