Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said the independence Pakistan achieved 70 years ago, was an outcome of the unparalleled sacrifice made by the country’s ancestors.
He said millions of Muslims rendered sacrifices for the country as well as the future of the posterity of the country.
The prime minister’s remarks were contained in an address he delivered on the occasion of the country’s 70th independence anniversary and made available to Daily Sun by the Islamic republic’s Embassy in Abuja.
On Pakistan-India relations, Abbasi said New Delhi was derailing Islamabad’s efforts toward a positive and constructive relations with her neighbours.
Pakistan, he added, desired positive and constructive relations with all the countries of the world, especially with its neighbours on the basis of sovereign equality.
“The people of South Asia have suffered enormously in the last fifty years due to the festering conflicts. Until and unless those conflicts are resolved amicably, the people of the region cannot achieve prosperity and progress.
“Our government has invariably made efforts to initiate the process of meaningful dialogue and adoption of peaceful means to resolve the issues, but unfortunately, the expansionist designs of India have remained the main hurdle in this regard,” the Pakistani Prime Minister stated.
Abbasi also said it was incumbent upon the international community to play its role in the resolution of the regional conflicts, particularly the Kashmir dispute in conformity with the United Nations Resolutions on the subject, with a view to ensuring durable peace in the region.
“Terrorism is the biggest challenge confronting the world in the twenty first century. Pakistan has rendered unparalleled sacrifices in the fight against this menace, as well as for the world peace.


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