Today, I am here with an amazing trick by which you can hack CCTV camera’s from an Android phone. So’ many comments about how to hack CCTV Security camera’s in present time. For those who want to learn how to hack CCTV camera from android phone must know about, How CCTV camera’s work.

CCTV Camera’s are the most important part our daily life now. You can see
CCTV camera’s everywhere in the nowadays cause of many reasons. CCTV Camera’s helps us to capture every moment of the company or hall rooms.

Note: The hacking of CCTV cameras is illegal if it harms someone’s work or daily life. Here at we only talk about the Ethical hacking tricks which are used and tested by us for only educational purposes. Any illegal action taken by you may put you in the risk. So be careful. Let’s have the look into CCTV hacking tutorial.

Hack CCTV Camera’s from Any Android Phone

To hack the CCTV camera’s you must know about the some of the important terms used in CCTV camera hacking. The basic thing is, you must have an Android smartphone to do this task. below are the important things you have to know first about these things.

Must Know These CCTV Camera Terms

  • DVR ( Digital Video recorder).
  • IP Address.
  • Type of cameras (IP & Lan Camera’s.)
  • Modem.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Techniques you can use to hack CCTV from Android

There are so many methods by which you can g ain access to the CCTV cameras . But Here I am listing only the most used and trusted ways to hack CCTV. Note that here is a limitation of devices cause we have only a single smartphone to hack the cameras.
the process will take some time as you know that you have only a single Android device to hack Cameras. So. may take a long time but it surely works for you.
1. Using Same WiFi or Network.
It becomes easy if you are on that network or same wifi. You can easily hack the CCTV camera. Follow the steps below:
Step 1: – Join the same network in which the CCTV cameras are connected using LAN cable. If you don’t know the password of that WiFi. then use our provided WiFi password cracker. So, that you can connect to that network.
Step 2: – After that, you have to find out the IP address or port number for DVR. For doing that go to any of the TCP/IP scanner sites. The site will be work fine for DVR too. Note that there may more than 1 IP address if there are so many computers connected to the network. You can check the device detail for more references.
Step 3: – Your DVR IP Adress will look like that “ –”, according to your local area network IP Address.
Step 4: – After getting the IP address of DVR that cameras are connected, enter that IP address into URL box of your Android browser and click enter.
Step 5: – Next you will be redirecting to a DVR homepage. There you will find input box for login details. This is the most confusing part of CCTV hacking. Cause it’s not easy to hack the DVR password.
Step 6: – For hacking DVR password and username, you have to try your luck. The default username and password is “Admin” and “Admin”.If don’t work then follow below procedure.
Step 7: – Use our spy software to hack the Computer , which is mainly used for login to DVR system . That’s why I have already told you. It may take a long time. Below is the SPY software link: – Read Here
Step 8: – When you will get the login name and password, simply log in to your account and enjoy. The above-given method is only for a beginner if you are a Pro hacker then it’s been easy to hack the DVR and use CCTV camera on your commands.Again Note that the Hacking of CCTV camera’s using the black hat technique is illegal, which may put you into the risk. So, be careful
2. Hack Online CCTV Camera’s
It’s been easy to hack CCTV camera’s when the are settled up online using host or port forwarding. In this method only you have to find the host name and login detail .
To find the login detail use below given method:
Step 1: – Many IT administrators use
online CCTV cameras in their company. That’s why I am going to tell you how to hack that DVR system. Firstly find out the host name of the DVR.
Step 2: – To find Hostname check out the modem or Hack the default PC used for cameras. Hacking of that computer gonna help you in many ways.
Step 3: – Once you have found the Hostname. Enter the host name on the android browser and hit enter. that’s all. After that, you need a username and password.
Step 4: – Many DVR has only one user name and password “123” and “123” or “admin” and “admin”. Step 5: – If won’t work for you. You have to again hack one of the computers which is used for the login into the DVR.

Once you have got all these details, use
Tmeye Pro, for checking out the live stream.

That’s how you can hack the CCTV camera’s using an Android phone . Don’t worry if you don’t understand at any point, ask in the comment box.


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