hundreds of thousands of Indians, self-styled 'godman' Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is the embodiment of God on Earth.
The bling-loving leader of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect is renowned for his fondness of red leather jackets, bejewelled hats and bicep-bearing shirts.
His followers weep and flatten themselves to the ground at the sight of him - with politicians, film stars and cricketers among his legions of supporters.
But the "guru in bling" has a questionable past.
The 'guru' has inspired extraordinary devotion in India
Not only is Singh beginning a 20-year jail sentence after being convicted of raping two women , the 50-year-old is the subject of other criminal investigations too.
A journalist covering the rape case was murdered, and he is facing a conspiracy charge for allegedly being involved.
He has also been accused of persuading up to 400 of his followers to undergo castrations to bring them closer to God.
The sect has a sprawling empire of 46 centres across India, and even operates in schools and hospitals.
Despite Singh's imprisonment, many of his supporters maintain his innocence
Singh has been under the highest levels of state security for years, as his controversial sect has antagonised other religious communities.
Despite his larger-than-life public persona, little is known about his personal life.
His website claims he was the only child of wealthy parents in western Rajasthan.
A profile adds: "His parents realised he wasn't merely a child but the image of the lord. And thus, they never hurt him physically or verbally."
Singh has also used his passion for cinema to help build his public profile.
In 2015, he started a film franchise in which he stars as the Messenger of God, or MSG, with divine powers to save the world.
His latest movie, The Warrior Lion Heart, saw him play a secret agent armed with a twirled moustache and an assortment of swords to fight aliens and UFOs.
Singh's name appears 30 times in the credits - including as a writer, stuntman, film editor, choreographer and makeup artist.
Sceptics say many "godmen" are nothing more than confidence tricksters who use their often poor followers to win power, fame and riches.
Despite the rape convictions, many followers continue to believe Singh is innocent.
Ahead of the sentencing, one devotee had told the NDTV news channel: "Our father can never do any sin."


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