Squeezed out of Lagos made uncomfortable by security heat turned on them the dreaded members of the Badoo cult may have shifted their operation to neighbouring Ogun State for preys.
Early yesterday morning, two lovers were killed in their apartment in Ojodu area in circumstance that bore the trademark of the infamous ritualists.
The female of the couple was heavily pregnant, making her unborn baby the third victim of the attack.
The incident, which threw the community into mourning, happened in a storey building on Hassan Abiodun Street, off Ojodu Berger, in Ifo Local Government Area.
It was learnt  that the victims were to be officially married in December.
A source told Saturday Sun that the skulls of the two lovers were smashed by the assailants, who tore the window net to gain entry into the apartment.
Another resident said none of the tenants knew what happened until daybreak.
Many of the residents of the area wailed, as policemen from Ojodu Abiodun Division took the remains of the victims to the morgue at the General Hospital, Sagamu.
 “The lady recently lost her father and the man she was to marry only came on a visit. She was also heavily pregnant, ” a resident volunteered.
The attack was baffling to many observers, as the police station is just a stone throw from the scene of the murder, even while vigilance group is said to patrol the street and the neighbourhood every night.


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