Jovana Integrated Farms has been breeding functionally efficient grasscutters that increase the profitability of commercial flocks. Fertility, outstanding mothering abilities and hardiness are very important in our multiplication objectives. As a breeder, you need to wean healthy, heavy kids rapidly and at low cost to generate income. Jovana Integrated Farms delivers this requirement consistently and profitably for your commercial operation.
Our grasscutters are tamed, gentler animals and the more you handle them, the gentler they become
Our grasscutters are raised on natural grass with sea salt lick supplements. We have an ideal facility that develops hardy and fertile grass-adapted grasscutters that perform consistently in your flock.
Contact us for consultancy or attend Jovana Farms seminars nearest to you and discover how to mass-produce grasscutters! Can’t attend? Order self-tutorial VCD and book. Visit us online at, E-mail: or Call: 080 33262 808, for more details. Choose also the nearest venue from the advert on this page and at our website.
We do not subscribe to the practice of constant feeding with growth hormones to produce animals that may superficially appear to be well-grown and rounded. Holistic and sustainable farming practices form the foundation of all Jovana Integrated Farm’s farming activities and feeding management is key in this approach.
Jovana Integrated Farms involvement in the industry is significant. The company is a grasscutter company of choice in Nigeria. Besides breeding excellent grasscutter for local and international markets, we also provide slaughter animals for the local market.
We only specialize in captive bred grasscutters; so our knowledge on grasscutters is second to none. For anyone thinking of purchasing good breed and wants the best grasscutter hand-in-hand with the best service and knowledge, then you have come to the right place.
If you are interested in starting a grasscutter breeding operation in your locality or looking at significantly upgrading the quality of your flocks in terms of fertility, hardiness, adaptability and meat carrying capacity, we can help you get the right animals on your farm.
Our breeding objectives here at Jovana Integrated Farms are:
•To breed grasscutter females with high fertility and good mothering abilities that when combined with good management inputs, easily deliver wonderful kidding percentages.
•To breed grasscutters that are hardy and display above average disease resistance with minimal animal health inputs.
•To breed grasscutters that do not need ongoing supplementary feeding (as opposed to strategically supplied mineral supplements).
•To use natural grass and other cheap agro-products to raise our grasscutters, thereby making our farming enterprise profitable, affordable and sustainable.
•To supply grasscutter breeding families that are functional, adaptable and that are an economic asset for the flocks of our buyers.
•Fertility is the most important element of livestock farming.
•Good mothering abilities significantly contribute to profitability.
•Hardiness and disease resistance reduce your costs and contribute to profitability.
•Jovana Farms easily delivers high weaning percentages of 170% and better.
•Our grasscutters are highly adaptable, which means they produce in a wide range of environments and farming systems.
Are you weary of investing a large amount of capital on cheap and poor quality grasscutter breeding families, only to be disappointed when the animals rapidly lose condition and lack libido when you get them to your farm? Our grasscutter breeding families will change your attitude.
We believe we breed quality animals that are high yielding. One of our main objectives is to breed functionally efficient animals that can perform in the cage with the minimum of inputs. Absolute size and overweight is not the solution for us, productivity under low-cost conditions is. Fertility, hardiness and mothering abilities are key factors in the success of our grasscutter breeders and we aim to deliver these traits to our clients. Superior grasscutter breeding stock and meat!
Are you looking for high quality grasscutters, goat, snail and fish in Nigeria? At Jovana farms, we will provide you with well-bred and healthy animals, which are available at affordable prices. Whether you want to raise pedigree giant grasscutter breeders on your farm for healthy meat or as breeding stock we will help.
To help prospective grasscutter farmers avoid unnecessary mistakes, Jovana Farms has embarked on nationwide seminars on animal farming for Nigerians to learn the nitty-gritty of the business in their environment. Those who cannot attend our seminars can order our self-tutorial VCD and book and train themselves.


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