We will seek redress through legal means …says commissioner

The Bayelsa State Government has denied engaging a revenue consultant for deductions of the Paris Club refunds.
In a statement issued by the state’s Finance Commissioner, Maxwell Ebibai, the state government urged its citizens to disregard the report.
The statement read: “The attention of the Bayelsa State Ministry of Finance has been drawn to a publication on one of the National Newspapers that a Revenue Consultant has taken all the 36 States and the Governors’ Forum to court with the claim that it handled the Paris Club over-deductions from states accounts as the primary consultant and alleged that fees from the Paris Club refund are being paid to an unknown consultant.
The commissioner called on the good people of Bayelsa State and the general public to be informed that, the Government did not and has never engaged the services of a Revenue Consultant, in respect of the Paris- Club over-deductions or refunds, neither has it paid any funds to any consultant.
“It is however, pertinent to note that, the previous Government had some conflicting consultancy relationships, in respect of other sundry revenue matters on such terms that are out of tune with the standard practices as obtainable in sane climes.”
The finance commissioner says, the Ministry of Justice is vigorously defending the State’s position in the court of law as appropriate.
“In line with the policy thrust of the Restoration Government to ensure accountability, transparency and high ethical standards in the conduct of Government business, the good people of Bayelsa State are assured that this Government will do all within its powers and resources to ensure that, no unscrupulous consultant takes undue advantage of the Government.”
He added that, the Government will seek every available option for redress in the Court of Law to ensure that, only those whose services are genuine and add value get paid, in terms of reflective value for money and commensurate with the value proposition delivered.
That, the hard earned resources of the state will continue to be deployed in the best interest of the developmental aspirations of the people of Bayelsa State.
Ebibai, therefore, enjoins Bayelsans to discountenance the said publication, as the Restoration Government of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson takes seriously the social contract between the Government and the people of Bayelsa State with every sense of responsibility and will do all it can to uphold and protect it.


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