President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Deacon Titus Alao Soetan, has urged professional accountants to guard the sacred creed of transparency and integrity, which they all subscribed to.
At the ICAN Lagos Mainland and District Society (LMDS’) Presidential Dinner Night in Lagos, he reminded his colleagues of the need to reflect in their practice, professionalism devoid of compromise or shoddy deals with their clients, stressing that the profession was a noble one.
He said there was need for the practitioners to embrace partnership to build viable brands. According to him, chartered accountants needed to identify their areas of weakness as well as strength and leverage on them to serve their clients and the country better.
Soetan stated that gone were the days when members of the institute believed in working in isolation and expecting to reap the dividends alone. He explained that such an idea had ended up narrowing the lofty height the practitioner could have achieved.
He expressed the belief that when chartered accountants specialise, they could achieve more in the area of efficiency and deliverability, pointing out oil and gas, capital market, and insurance as some of the areas they could focus on and do exploit.
On his part, the Chairman of ICAN (LMDS), Chief Amobi Nwokafor, said the institute would not relent in its efforts to ensure that secondary school students are encouraged to become chartered accountants in the near future.
He announced that the district society had carried out different trainings to enrich members in the face of the present economic challenges, stressing that the only way the members could remain relevant was to remain on top of their game.
Lending his voice on the need to promote integrity in the profession, the Country Senior Partner for PWC Nigeria and Senior Regional Partner for the West Market Area, Uyi Akpala, who was made patron of the institute, admonished his colleagues to distant themselves from aiding and abetting corrupt politicians to carry out their looting of the national treasury. He said it was unfortunate that some accountants, who have been criticising people in public offices were also part of the rot in the society.
He urged members to improve on themselves through regular trainings and seminars that are relevant to the present realities of the Nigerian market – demand and supply.


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