Following the abolishment of the Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) dichotomy at the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), its spokesman, Joseph Attah, has declared that staff morale has dramatically improved since the old order was dismantled.
He said in Abuja that the bad blood that the dichotomy generated between BSc and HND holders has substantially ebbed: “The reaction has been positive. It has been morale-lifting across the commands of the NCS from both officers who were affected and those who were not affected.
“The dichotomy was not right because there is no clear-cut yardstick for measuring performance between a degree holder and an HND holder.
“By that singular decision to bridge the divide, the Comptroller-General of Customs has restored dignity, integrity and pride to the affected officers.”
He added that internal checks revealed that there were cases where HND holders did quite better than BSc holders.
“Besides, Customs is a profession that trains you irrespective of what one has read. One goes to the Customs training college and undergoes formal training and reads Customs-related courses, which are not taught in the polytechnic or university.
“In my own view, reducing the rank of an HND holder because he does not have a B.Sc was not a perfect decision,” he said.


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